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The story of The SchoolHouse
Conservatory in The Fine Arts


Poppie Beveridge is the Director and Owner of The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center. She has spent her life studying and living in the fine arts. After working with a young student who was experiencing pain and limitations, she began to notice an alarming problem within the music industry. Many musicians have little awareness of their bodies, their mind and thoughts and their resulting emotions to prevent and to release existing pain and constriction.ften found in musicians and in the fine arts.

In 2005, Poppie developed the plans for The SchoolHouse Conservatory in The Fine Arts. Her dream was to create a special intimate place unlike the local and international festivals and camps that are usually held in large settings with many students in attendance. Poppie wanted it to be unique. She wanted to develop a way to really make a difference in a performer’s life.

Because of its size, setting, and location, The SchoolHouse is an ideal setting for an intimate sized conservatory in the fine arts. It is ideal to have programs for just a small number of attendees for a special and personalized experience. This historic structure, known as the Wagner School, recently refurbished, along with the completion of its companion building, The Pavillion, offers the nurturing and tranquil space to help transform personal and career paths.

Professional artists , amateur musicians and those with musical gifts who are dedicated to sharing their art and wisdom, find the SchoolHouse the perfect setting to inspire others and themselves in their art and in well-being.

The SchoolHouse doors opened for the first You and Music prograprogram in the summer of 2006. And again the doors swung open wide in 2007 for the second annual You and Music summer. It was offered primarily for teen-age musicians in the Rogue Valley. They came from the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, or private instructors, and we even enjoyed a visiting New Yorker

Because of the significance of the You and Music programs, Poppie is eager that the work be shared broadly. She is convinced more then ever, those musicians, instructors, educators, performers, conductors, amateur musicians and professional therapists… are the ones who can help communicate these important techniques and philosophies to a large part of the fine arts world.

With the You and Music programs guiding and encouraging, more will experience the joy of You…. in Music.

The focus of the SchoolHouse Conservatory in The Fine Arts has become very clear…we will continue to dedicate ourselves and our facility to the Musician and to those in the Fine Arts.

We welcome you to The SchoolHouse Conservatory in The Fine Arts

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