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S e m i n a r  i s  f o r  Y o u …
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For a
         Musical Adventure          
                                                        Nurturing Retreat

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To experience more potential and joy in your personal life, your work and your music.

The focus of You and Music seminar unites mind and body for the release of pain, stress and tension in physical and personal performance. This significant relationship of mind and body is the cornerstone of playing beautiful music.

The You and Music seminar also creates a spectrum of blissfulness as you work with professionals, Maria Jeleztcheva in music and Poppie Beveridge for well being. In addition to these creative, energetic instructors, you will receive highlights of Body Mapping technique, relaxation sessions, a chair massage with a trained therapist and introductive sessions with experts in Qi Gong and Yoga.

This six day Musical Adventure and Nurturing Retreat seminar, dedicated to a maximum of 12 attendees, is interwoven with fun and innovative instruction.

You will bask in calming physical activity sessions, relaxatisessions, relaxation and awareness activities, and time for private practice for your individual and/or group presentations. All these activities revolve around the ideas of strengthening your inner self and inner musicianship.

Maria Jeleztcheva, Co-Director of the You and Music seminar, coordinates the activities of the week and supports and works with students for presentations. She is offering coached get-togethers and is organizing a final concert at the end of the seminar.

It is a delight to play music in the historic auditorium because of its intimate space and acoustic quality. Practicing in one of our lovely rooms overlooking the peaceful gardens, brings sighs of “oohs” and “aahs”. The SchoolHouse oozes calm, peace, nature, and nurturing.

Poppie Beveridge opens awareness to "Suppleness in Mind, Strength in Body and Serenity in Spirit" with her work, Posturing for Success. Poppie says,"Posturing" is the interwoven alignments and connections between our body structure, our attitudes of mind that result in our personal emotions and actions. Through this understanding, being aware, and experiencing these alignments and connections, you begin to jump out of the box and discover the real "You" in music.

For attendees wanting to earn Continuing Education Credits, The SchoolHouse Conservatory in The Fine Arts makes it easy and most enjoyable. CEU Credits from Southern Oregon University are being offered to this already incredible You and Music seminar.

Gift Yourself … to You… and Music… At The SchoolHouse


Expand Horizons... in Music... in Blissfull Well-Being... in Career... CEU’s

Schedule for June 22-27, 2008

Sunday June 22, 2008

2:00pm Arrival. Settle into rooms, tour the SchoolHouse and the Grounds.

3:00pm Introductions and sharing backgrounds. Getting acquainted tea in Garden Room

4:30pm Review of the You and Music plans, goals and aims and materials for the week. Review Attendees aims and goals In the Salon.

5:00pm Musical repertoire review and review personal music brought by attendees, plus accomplishment - level in the Auditorium

6:00pm Dinner in town on your own Check restaurants

8:00pm Impromptu group playing in The Terrace Room (optional)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:00am Relaxation and meditation and personal well-being -in the Terrace Room

9:00am Breakfast

9:30am Review of Posturing for Success, Alignment and The Egoscue Method of Excercise -in the Auditorium (Monday)

10:00am Qi Gong introduction sessions -in Terrace Room (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

11:00am Music Group coaching - in The Auditorium

11:45am Break - Snack

12:00pm Continue music work - in The Auditorium

1:00pm Lunch

1:30pm Photos of Posture - in The Garden Room and private practice and/or reading material for CEU credits

2:30pm Individual music work or group work - in Auditorium

3:30pm Break - Snack

4:00pm Exercise and relaxation -in The Terrace Room

5:00pm Open Time - practice, walk, read, write Check restaurants

6:00pm Dinner on your own in town

8:00pm Individual study time for CEU credits or uncoached Practice for Presentation on Friday or enjoy your scheduled chair massage of the week.

9:00pm Impromptu musical "creativities" - sight reading, "jumping out of the box" musical fun - in The Terrace Room (optional)


8:00am Relaxation and meditation and personal well-being -in the Terrace Room

9:00am Breakfast

9:30am Group Practice for afternoon Presentation- in the Auditorium

10:30am Simple, easy Yoga session - in the Pavillion

11:30am Break - Snack

12:00pm Group and Solo Practice for Presentation - in the Auditorium

1:00pm Lunch - Open time

1:30pm Private practice, walk, visit, read, write evaluation

3:30pm Break - Snack

4:00pm Presentation - in the Auditorium

4:45pm Dessert/Reception - in the Terrace Room - time to say

Look to...

For great ways to... "Jump out of the box"
For joy in music and well being

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