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Posturing for Success
Posturing For Success programs guide and support people to teach themselves ways to make positive changes to mental, emotional and physical alignments. Hosted by The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center, Posturing For Success creates educational programs that offer clues and solutions to be healthy, actively agile and pain free in today's fast paced, tense and stress filled life styles. The programs include short presentations, half and full day workshops, group retreats and Posture-cise, an individually paced program for postural alignment that incorporates the Egoscue Method of Exercise. The goal of Posturing For Success is to support positive changes in our emotional and physical stances to bring about suppleness in mind, serenity in spirit and strength in body.

Quality of life is something more and more people are trying to find in the midst of life's challenges. We are coming to realize that our overall well being is a necessary foundation for success in other areas of life. Posturing For Success is pleased to offer programs that contribute to that foundation.

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Who Would be Interested in
Posturing For Success Programs?
Posturing For Success Education Programs can be tailored to meet specific interests for:

  • Individuals With Pain and Limited Movement
  • Seniors - Fitness For Suppleness and Strength
  • Youth Programs - Reduce Injuries in School Athletics / Sports / Community Agencies
  • Dancers, Singers, and Sports Enthusiasts - Postural Support For Enhanced Performance
  • Physical and Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and All Therapeutic Modalities as a Support to Their Work
  • Corporations and Companies For On Premise Health Support
  • Business Office Ergonomics - Efficient Work Stations and Safe Work Patterns
  • Travel Agents and Tour Groups - Exercises for Refreshed and Pain Free Travel
Please contact Poppie for more information about the Posturing For Success Educational Program that is right for you, your organization or business.

You could find yourself on the way to Posturing For Success.


Poppie Beveridge is the creator and Director of The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center. She has devoted 10 years to imagining, renovating, and developing the 1929 two-room country school into a unique retreat and learning center for her Posturing For Success Program and retreats.

Poppie earned a B.S. degree from UCLA to teach home economics. Later, as a result of her years of dance training, she taught dance as a studio owner and as a college instructor.

Poppie's background in dance is international in scope. She has participated in summer workshops in Paris, New York, with the Danish Ballet Company in Denmark. She also attended a special presentation, the American Celebration of Modern Dance Conference in Lyon, France. She served on the Liaison Advisory Committee for the Oregon Ballet Theater in Portland, and has visited many ballet companies and attended many ballet competitions in Europe.

All this has made her adept at diagnosing posture and movement problems, and has also made her a skilled and patient listener. As a teacher, it has been important to Poppie to employ the safest and kindest approach, in order to nurture and develop self-confidence and resilience in her clients. So, it was quite natural for her to become a certified Postural Alignment Specialist and to create the Posturing for Success Program.

Perhaps her best credential for the work she has chosen is the example she herself sets. Her vitality and energy, her style and happy embrace of life speak to the value of the lessons in living she has to offer others.


Poppie with client


Poppie with client

Poppie with client

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