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Posturing for Success Education Programs

Our 60-90 minute session introduces the work of Don Luis Miguel's book The Four Agreements to gather clues of how our assumptions and attitudes affect our personal relationships and how this is often reflected in our postural patterns. Because the presentation teaches awareness of the elements of balanced postural alignment with demonstrations and examples, the client is introduced to solutions to emotional and physical well-being.


Workshops are half and full day events to offer time to delve more deeply into the material covered in the presentation. Attendees develop personal insights into their past assumptions and attitudes with The Four Agreements Workbook to explore and identify their own postural stance to better understand the connection of the mind and body.


Exercise Classes
These general exercise classes incorporate The Egoscue Method of Exercises which addresses postural alignment to ease pain and gain flexibility and strength. Classes are appropriate for men and women of all levels of fitness. They are an excellent way for participants in the Posture-cise program to gain more awareness, familiarity and success to do their customized exercise menus on their own. The classes consist of forty-five minutes of exercises with a ten minute period for relaxation and psoas muscle release. They are scheduled on a demand basis and require a minimum of eight participants.


Retreats are held at The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center or on location for a group gathering. They are intimate with a maximum number of 10 attendees and with a minimum duration of three days. The retreat can address the material of the workshop with more interaction and postural analysis, incorporating the Posture-cise program. The retreat can also focus on a group¹s broader interests with other presenters incorporated into the format. The retreats offer a calming, rejoiceful, safe background to experience suppleness in mind, serenity in spirit and strength in body.

Retreats held at The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center can include other educational and cultural activities because of the close proximity to the town of Ashland and nearby lakes and mountains. Click here to learn more about The SchoolHouse and surrounding area.

  • Registration and initial payment required prior to start of the Pace Program. Contracts are binding for full monetary commitment. Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Checks, Visa & MasterCard.

    Posture-cise - YOU - The Egoscue Method

    Posture-cise is a program of Posturing For Success -
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